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R&B Hip Hop Music Bingo  & Pajama Party

Thank you for your interest in attending our 90's R&B and Hip Hop Music Bingo Pajama Party!  This event will be held on Saturday, June 29, 2024, 7pm-10pm at 550 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite B106 (studio in the back)  We're going to have so much fun jammin to the 90's R&B Hip Hop while playing music bingo in our pajamas!  This event is strictly for the grown folks! PAJAMAS ARE MANDATORY!  NO LINGERIE! Bring your man, boyfriend, husband, wife, friends, Momma, Daddy, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, cousins, etc! We're also gonna be playing Musical Chairs and have a Soul Train line going!


Music Bingo Rules 


The music bingo cards are filled with a variety of artists and the music is played by our DJ. If the DJ plays a song by an artist on your card, the card gets marked. 

Round 1 & 2 (90's R&B and Hip Hop))

Round 3 (SURPRISE)

- Mark Off squares when you hear the artists music being played (even if they're only featured on the song, mark it)

- If the artists appear on your bingo card in a line covering 5 consecutive spaces, Yell bingo.

- If the bingo is correct, and you were the first to call it, You win a prize for that round!


Get your skills ready for our GROWN FOLKS MUSICAL CHAIRS!

Get your dancing styles ready for our GROWN FOLKS SOUL TRAIN LINE!


Tickets are $35 per person which includes bingo boards and supplies. We will have a food vendor (Chef EJ3) onsite for your food purchases! Guess what? This is a BYOB event!  SECURITY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! After you fill out this ticket order request, we will send you a payment request via Square or Zelle which will be due immediately. Tickets are required to attend this event.  NO TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR!   Any questions, please contact me at 317-665-0528 via text or call.

LeChelle Jameson
A Special Affair


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