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Meet A Special Affair

"Turning your event into
A Special Affair"

I'm proud to be a mother of 3 great kids! I'm originally from Chicago/Gary and the oldest of 6 children.  Planning events is not only a gift but it's also a blessing!  My passion is what fuels me when planning events either for friends or clients.  With years of experience in the corporate sector as well as private, I'm knowledgeable with the current trends.  Over the top events are my specialty! However, the simple more calmer events are a pleasure to execute as well!  Having the expertise of pulling together all the pieces (venue space, catering, décor, entertainment, photographers, MUAs, furniture rentals, etc.) to produce a very memorable event is what I offer to all my clients.  Every client receives the red carpet style treatment...because I would love to turn your event into

A Special Affair!

LeChelle Jameson
Owner /President
"Your Wedding Godmother"

Event Specialist/Creative Director
Chef "EJ3" Earl H. Jameson III
EJ3's  Taste of Elegance 

"A Perfectionist on Every Detail "

Chef EJ3 is our in-house Chef.  His attention to details and ability to provide clients with delicious food is what attracted us to EJ3's A Taste of Elegance !  When you read his bio you will understand why:


I started out cooking at home at the age of 12 and was always looking for new twists on different recipes that were passed down from my grandparents.  I always felt good about cooking but I could not quite put my finger on why I loved cooking so much.  I was good at math and science, so my focus began turning towards computer technology.  I liked computers and began pursuing that career path.  Throughout the years I was still working on computers but I could not shake the desire to produce great food for others to enjoy.  While at my IT help desk jobs, I could not resist researching recipes and cooking methods.  I then decided to go back to school to achieve my culinary arts degree.  I received my Associate's Degree from IVY Tech in Indianapolis, IN.


While in school, I knew that I did not want to open a restaurant for various reasons.  I loved cooking but wanted to do it on a more personal level.  One of my instructors suggested catering and private chef work.  I thought about it and decided that was the direction to go and EJ3's Taste of Elegance was born!!! 

I love food and I love people enjoying my food.


Love + Food = EJ3's Taste of Elegance 

Instagram: @ej3chef

Facebook: @ej3tasteofelegance


Ph: 317-366-4324

Table Decoration in the Wedding Hall
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